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Day 13 - Cape Point

The Cape of Good Hope

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Yet another trip to the mall for supplies and blogging; surely people know us by now. We decided to get picnic lunches to take with us. It is yet another simply gorgeous day; but we are not getting tired of these. Decked out in our USA gear for the day, we hit the road a bit later than we had hoped. Today we are going to the Cape of Good Hope and/or Cape Point. It’s a nice drive south of Cape Town. Tobias and Sina followed us in their car. Along the way there are seaside and mountain views, very nice. Unfortunately, we hit one town that had some major road construction that delayed us a bit as well.
We started seeing a lot of warning signs for baboons, such as “Baboons are wild animals, do not feed them.” As we missed our photo opportunity last time, we hoped to see more this day. Phil spotted a submarine out in the water so we stopped to grab a shot. We started a mad rush of people stopping to see what we had seen as well. Then, we stumbled across this guy that was sitting by the road, probably hoping for food.
The views along the way were very stunning. The park was very beautiful. At the visitor center we stopped to take in some views and were captivated by these long tailed birds there. We could see the point off in the distance. A few quick shots of the scenery at the car park and Phil noticed that there are park rangers. They seem to be chasing off wild animals that are maybe too dangerous for us tourist, like wild boar, though we don’t see anything.
As we setup to pose for our group picture, this mama and baby baboon walk right across the path and distracted our attention for a while. image037.jpg8image018.jpg3image020.jpg5image022.jpgThen, the group splits between the funicular rides and the hikers as we make our way to the lighthouse at the top of the point. Along we way, we encounter several more small baboons as well. Even with the funicular, there’s still a small bit of climbing to reach the top and see the point. Of course, we had to get a few snaps there as well.
If we had more time we would’ve walked and hiked some more, but it was getting late, so off to the Cape of Good Hope which was very nearby. That rode was much lower and closer to the ocean and we stopped for lunch by the sea. image043.jpgWe had also seen a ton of ostriches before and had no photos of those either. So we stole a few pictures of those before we rushed back. 5image034.jpg9image036.jpg The only thing missing from the “list” was a whale, which we all agreed this was one :)9image038.jpg

We chose a different route back and got to see the large waves on the outer Atlantic side for a few miles. We made good time on the way back but knew that we would be late. We had thought of watching the USA game somewhere along the way, but the England game was going on at the same time and we were afraid all of would be watching them. Much like in the states, the English premiership is shown on the TV, so naturally, the England team is popular here. We caught the first few minutes of the game on the radio in the car. However, just before we arrived, they switched to the England game as well (they were going to bounce back and forth between games). We arrived in plenty of time to see the USA get ripped off again when the refs pulled Dempsey’s goal out of the net. Wow, that game was a real nail biter as we screamed and holler at the screen until relief finally game in stoppage time.
We had a nice dinner at the nearby Italian restaurant we’ve been trying to go to. Tobias and Sina rejoined us (they had missed the USA game to stop and see the penguins at Boulders Beach on the way back). Then we headed out to watch the Germany game. It was Tobias’ turn to be a bit sick, so we opted for something not too far away, the Dubliner. Unfortunately, there were more USA and England fans, but they were showing the Germany game nonetheless. The USA and England fans were singing, chanting and shouting back n forth in good fun. We even had some decent (for us) ones like “The queen, the queen, is good as Robert Green” and over singing the “E-n-g-l-a-n-d” song with “Second Place”.

Quip of the day: USA and Germany win their groups.

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